In the menu of payment terminal find WebMoney.
You can find the nearest terminal here.
In input form of R-wallet
enter 07 and then your telephone number.
For example: if your telephone number is (916) 777-55-33, you should enter 079167775533
If terminal asks for the number, enter your mobile number.
For example: if the number is (916) 777-55-33, you should enter 9167775533
Put the money. Attention: remember about the terminal commission.
Not always it is known beforehand, that's why it's better to pay
with the reserve of 10% !!! -you may get a change here.
Terminal will print the cheque.
Don't throw it out until you make the purchase and get the odd money!
You will get an SMS with the payment code(from GuaranteeRU).
Don't delete an SMS, until you make the purchase and get a change!
On our website  
choose WebMoney (currency - WMR).
Payment page will open.
Attention: If you put 100 rubles or more, the price of product or service
shouldn't be less than 70% from the price.

On the Payment paget
Choose the method of payment «Payment terminal».
Click on terminal icon.

Enter the payment code (from SMS)
and payment date (on cheque or in SMS).
Complete the payment procedure.
Payment success.
If you spent less money, than put, you may get change here.