User agreement

The present User Agreement (“User Agreement”) regulates the relations for using the services, provided by the WEB site in the Internet (“Network”) with the address (“Site”) for the natural persons (“Users”), registered thoroughly according to the Clause 3of this User Agreement.

The service is provided on special terms. Using the service, provided by the site, means, that you agree with the following text of the Agreement.

The text of the present Agreement can be changed by the administration of the Site without any special notification. The most actual version can always be found on the page “User Agreement”.

1. Author’s rights and intellectual property

All the resources of the Site are protected according to the Russian laws of protection of the intellectual property rights and author’s rights. This protection is applied only to texts, pictures, multimedia materials, software codes and other objects of author’s right.

All game currencies are the property of the Game Administration, connected with the Site. The alienation of property is only possible in cases and in the course, provided by Russian Legislation.

2. The description of the service, provided by the site

2.1 The Site provides the following services:

  • access of thoroughly registered users of the Internet to the paid services of the projects, connected with the Site;
  • users’ access to the information services, provided by the Site.

2.2 All the services, enumerated in the item 2.1 of the present Agreement, are provided only be the site

2.3 All the services, enumerated in the item 2.1 of the present Agreement, are provided free of charge.

3. User’s obligations concerning registration, password and security

3.1 User must be registered in one or more projects, connected with the Site.

3.2 Site is not responsible for the User’s impossibility of access to the paid services of the projects, connected with the Site.

4. Using of the provided services

4.1 User doesn’t have rights to copy, transmit, distribute, publish materials, taken from the site, without written authorization of the Administration of the Site.

4.2 User is forbidden to make any actions, intended for the damaging the Site, obtaining unauthorized opportunities, access to the resources, not assigned to be used by the game characters, and also other actions, contradicting with the item 2.1 of the present Agreement.

4.3 The Administration of the Site reserves the right to take any actions, not contradicting with the Russian Legislation, to limit or forbid access to the Site and its information services for persons and organizations, violating the present Agreement.

5. Privacy

5.1 During the access to the paid services of the projects, connected with the Site, User can be requested for the identifying information. The information entered on the Site:

  • will not be used for the advertising distribution and so on without User’s permission;
  • will not be passed to the third party without User’s permission.

6. Guarantee release

User understands and agrees that:

6.1 User uses the Site at his own risk. Service is provided by the Site “as it is”.

6.2 The Site doesn’t guarantee that:

  • the service will meet the User’s demands;
  • the service will be provided uninterruptedly, quickly, surely and without faults; results, obtained while using the service, will be certain and reliable;
  • the quality of any product, service, information and so on, obtained using the service will meet the User’s expectations;
  • all the faults in the software code will be correct.

6.3 The Site doesn’t respond for any damage, caused by:

  • using or impossibility of using the Site;
  • unauthorized access to the User’s communications;
  • statement or behavior of any third party on the Site.

7. Return of money

7.1 Return of money for services, provided on the Site, can’t be carried out.

8. Other conditions

8.1 Other conditions, not provided in this Agreement, are regulated according to the present Russian Legislation.